Community And Innovation

For some time now people within the affiliate and partner marketing industry have been going above and beyond to bring people together. Below are a few of the project which are running at the moment, click through for more information.

APM Connect

Are a passionate group of performance marketers who are very proud to be involved in affiliate and partner marketing and fuel its growth across Australia. 

D&I – UK

Headed by Angus Drummond, Alex Parmar-YeeAnjulie BlundenRakhee Jogia and Sophie Parry-Billings. The group aims to focus on Diversity and Inclusion within the industry hosting face to face events and webinars. Find out more on their linkedin accounts above.

Martech Records

Martech Record is an independent trade publication that covers the intersection of content, marketing and commerce. It also has one of the largest community groups across North America.

University Engagement

James Little is looking to bring together Senior Affiliate Marketers across the UK to speak at local universities across the country. they are looking to actually start to make affiliate marketing an aspirational job choice, rather than something that people “fall” into.